Meet the Farmers

Jennifer Lutz loves family, horses, cattle, corgi's, chickens and gardening. She is a strong supporter of women in agriculture and wants to share her love of farming with others.

Lindsay grew up on the family farm and attended Olds College and University of Lethbridge before starting her career in the oil and gas industry. She lives on an acreage with her husband, daughter, kitties and hens. She loves travelling to far away places, running, and her family.

In the summer of 2020 she acquired 3 backyard hens that bring endless entertainment, a couple of fresh eggs a day and a welcomed connection back to her agricultural roots.

Amanda is a mother to three, she loves her family, running, poultry, canning and trying new tasks. She loves the idea of simple living.

Currently Amanda is a student at Olds College, completing her Directed Field Study, for the Bachelor of Applied Science Agribusiness Degree.